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We are the Largest electronic components distributor in the world.

We stock more than 110K SKUs in two ISO-certified storage facilites ready for immediate shipping.

Buy direct and save time and money.

Our inventories are listed with the leading online marketplaces and are frequently resold by smaller distributors who have little or no stock of their own. Quote us first. Parts listed on this website are ready for immediate shipping at the guaranteed lowest price.

We put the sustainability in supply chain.

No other electronics distributor can match our network of suppliers and our buying power. Over thirty years in business, we’ve quietly grown to become the most trustworthy and dependable supplier in the industry.

100% quality, trusted by the world’s Leading OEMs and CMs.

We practice the most comprehensive anti-counterfeit detection and prevention program in the industry. We are ANAB Accredited, we are members of ERAI, and we exceed all IDEA quality standards. We are cerfied suppliers for manufacturers in Energy, Defense, Aerospace, and Biotech/Medical.

We help  build Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Vision Systems, Robotics, GPU/VPU Computing, …and much more

Zero lead times. Immediate delivery.

We are the largest stocking distributor in the world. Every component listed on our webiste is available for immediate shipping. If you are seeking a part not listed in our inventory, call us and we will quickly source it from our global network of suppliers.

Global responsibility lives here.

We are committed to the protection of human health and safety around the world through the environmentally sound recovery and disposal of electrical and electronic equipments as directed through RoHS, WEEE, and REACH.

CEO, Semi Source Inc.

Let’s build.

Many of our customers manufacture products and systems with extreme life-safety standards and rely on us for top quality components. Whether you are in defense and aerospace, or consumer and household industry, you can depend on Semi Source for quality components backed by the most dependable sales and support team in the business.
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