Anti Counterfeit Program

Relentless scrutiny and impeccable standards ensure our authenticity.

Our 30 years of success are built upon delivering the highest quality components to our customers. Offering the industry’s largest inventory of available parts requires a diligent and rigorous process for identifying and removing potential suspect parts from your supply chain.

Each Semi Source employee must successfully complete and re-certify counterfeit avoidance training with The Components Technology Institute on an annual basis.

Every Semi Source supplier annually undergoes an exhaustive quality audit that helps guarantee the integrity of the components we stock.

Our stringent in house inspection procedures are core to our quality assurance that even if suspect parts find their way to our door, we’ve removed them from the supply chain before they can ever reach yours.

Semi Source — “Impeccable standards deliver unquestionable quality!”

Our anti-counterfeit measures include:

ESD Compliant Facility

Multi-level inspection by three trained inspectors

Searchable image library

Group A Electrical Testing

SEM: Scan Electron Microscopy

EDXA: Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

FTIR: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

XRF: X-Ray Fluorescence Energy Dispersive

CSAM: Acoustic Microscopy

Scrape Testing

Acetone Verification

Component Baking

Tape & Reeling


Accelerated Life Testing

Independent laboratory using 100% destructive testing