Electronic Components Supply Chain Solutions

A Full Service Provider

Semi Source is a stocking distributor offering complete global supply chain solutions in active, passive, and power source components. We provide excess inventory mitigation services, component sales, materials inspection, warehousing, and logistics. We custom design our programs according to customer need to reduce materials procurement and administrative costs, increase inventory turns, and eliminate high costs of supply shortages and disruptions.

We are a supplier to the military and medical markets, and are an Approved Purchasing Agent for several of the top defense contractors in the U.S. We also have experience with aerospace, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and industrial customers

Geopolitical Economics

We have thrived in the volatile electronics market by closely monitoring global events and economics, and adapting accordingly. Our strategic partners around the world give us the options and ability to respond quickly to any supply chain challenge. We are creative problem solvers with the industry’s strongest and most flexible network of suppliers and logistics partners in the world.

Code of Conduct

We abide by all laws, trade rules, and regulations of the United States, its affiliated trade organizations, and the countries in which we conduct business. We conduct business with integrity, professionalism, and full transparency. We do not knowingly source materials from areas of conflict and make it our responsibility to eliminate counterfeit components from the world market.