Electronic Components – Distributor Reviews

Win-Win Solutions

Please extend my thanks and appreciation to you and your team at Semi Source for the excellent support that we have received over the years. Your drive for a win-win solution is far superior than any of your competitors. You have been up front when dealing with our needs for cost, quality, and delivery. Semi Source has always driven to exceed our cost targets and has provided substantial cost savings to our company over the years. Especially for hard-to-find and in times where others are looking to maximize their profits. This is truly a partnership.

Materials Manager,
Global Network and Hardware Company

Can-Do Attitude

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your company, Semi Source, for the expeditious and professional manner in which you have come to our rescue time and time again. Not only here at our Nortel facility, but the support you have given to our contract manufacturers throughout the country. The level of service and commitment that we have depended upon for years has been maintained as promised. Your company's "can-do" method of operations in fulfilling our requirements for critical shortages is indeed worthy of a note.

Lead Buyer,
Data Networks Equipment Manufacturer

Global Delivery

The support that I have received from this team has allowed my company to achieve our goals of delivering our product on time without the additional costs that would normally be associated with purchasing material outside of the normal supply base. They have been able to service the needs of my company, whether the location is in the U.S. or in Asia, which is vital in the global marketplace. We have also been able to work with this team to achieve significant cost reductions…I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a strong and willing partner in today's tumultuous industry.

Supply Chain Manager,
Global Manufacturer of Networking Products

Commitment to Partnership

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and the Semi Source team for your support over the past five years. Your professionalism and sense of partnership are unheralded. Your support of our shortages has been outstanding. The quality of the product has always been excellent and pricing is almost always below market conditions. Your industry knowledge and ability to identify opportunities to support our need truly show your commitment to the relationship. You have been a key contributor to our company’s success and I look forward to expanding on our partnership.

Senior Supply Chain Manager,
Global Telecommunications Equipment Company

World-Class Supply Chain

Our company's Integrated Defense Systems Division is committed to developing a world-class Supply Chain organization, which will deliver quality products and services to our customers at the right place, the right time, and at the right price. At this time, IDS would like to congratulate Semi Source Inc. on your inclusion in the IDS PSL for Semiconductors. Upon evaluation by our Cross-Functional Commodity Team, it has been determined that your company demonstrates a level of performance and vision for the future that meets and / or exceeds expectation. IDS congratulates your company's achievement and looks forward to the continued success of our relationship in the future.

Commodity Manager,
American Developer of Integrated Defense Systems

Honesty and Integrity

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service you and your company have provided to our company. It has been very comforting to know that your integrity and service level are of the utmost importance to your customers. In the time we have been working together you have been very honest and forth­com­ing with your information. Your control of our consigned inventory has been outstanding. Your responsiveness in helping us procure the hard to find components in our restricted time periods has also been top-notch. Not only have you been able to keep our lines running but you have also done it with many cost savings.

Senior Supply Chain Manager,
Multinational Networking and Telecommunications Company

Commitment to Excellence

We would like to extend our appreciation to you and your team at Semi Source for your outstanding service over the past years. With the unique marketplace that our company services, your organization continues to provide us with hard-to-find parts at a great cost savings. Your commitment to excellence provides timely production runs demanded by our clients. We maintain market share in a very competitive market due, in part, to your team's ability to match our manufacturing requirements. More than a vendor relationship, we feel we have a true partnership with the entire Semi Source team and, for that, we thank you.

Chief Executive Officer,
Manufacturer of Network Monitoring Systems

Customer Service

Our company has had a business relationship with Semi Source for several years. During that time, we have had only good experiences with Semi Source. The basis for our view is founded upon excellent customer service and business conducted with the highest levels of integrity.

Vice President Procurement,
American Manufacturer of Computing and Communications Equipment

Successful Consignments

Material procured from Semi Source arrives as promised: competitively priced, factory sealed, date coded, and correctly shipped. Semi Source provides quality product and a cost effective solution. I have never experienced a quality problem with any of their product. Our company and Semi Source have entered into a consignment agreement where Semi Source has our material on site at their facility and markets it accordingly. The consignment program has been very successful and provides a needed valuable service to our company. I highly recommend Chris Lund and the entire Semi Source team.

Materials Manager,
Leading Provider of Complex Manufacturing Services

Driven to Satisfy

Please accept this as recommendation for Semi Source to become one of our approved independent vendors. I can speak to their integrity, competitiveness and drive to satisfy. Previously I had dealt with them for some ten years and can assure you that the team there will do their utmost to meet or beat our company’s needs.

Vice President of Materials and Purchasing,
American Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider